Thomas Feiner & Anywhen

David Sylvian resurrects what he calls a “lost classic,” in this the third and final album by the Swedish band Anywhen, The Opiates. The band dissolved before the album was completed and singer Thomas Feiner pushed on, dedicated to finishing the project. He did so at risk to his own well-being. A self-described loner, “being around people [has] always caused me some tension and discomfort,” Feiner nevertheless sought out the talents of the Warsaw Radio Symphony Orchestra. Working with them made him a “nervous wreck,” but he also described it as the high point of his musical career. The Opiates seem to benefit from these tensions. The album leads with “The Siren Songs,” a lush, celebratory epic in which Feiner revels in submitting to his muse, then slowly wanders along a road less traveled to “All That Numbs You,” a mournful study of a life dragged down by a “job you hate to buy things you don’t need.” Every step in between features Feiner’s rich baritone accompanied by either delicate or driving cinematic orchestrations. A lost classic indeed.