The Great Outdoors

I’ve got a copy of Spring, the first of the seasonal EPs that The Great Outdoors is releasing over the course of the next year, but I’m not going to open it before running this post. (There don’t seem to be any free & legal MP3 downloads from it anyway…) The Great Outdoor is Adam Nation and his random band of whoever happens to be around in Vancouver at the time. I remember wanting to post the band back when his album Food, Booze and Entertainment came out last year, and the tracks available here are from that disc. Check out “Chekhov and I,” an opposite-world version of Neil Young’s “Out on the Weekend” that nicely captures Nation’s gravelly-voiced storytelling, tastefully supported by acoustic guitar. “If I Were a Car” does the same kind of thing with lovely thin female backing vocals and appropriately grating strings that match a dark story of escape. I’m assuming the seasons EPs will tell more textured tales from Nation’s book of experiences, and I’m going to go find out right now.