Ben Kamen

It’s certainly not all-weather folk, but Ben Kamen’s somber strumming and vocalizing mingle nicely with the raindrops on the roof today. Kamen has a new EP that he’s giving away for free on his website, from which the two new tracks below are taken. That’s mighty nice of him. What’s nicer is that if you’re willing to do Kamen a Radiohead-style solid and pay for the music he’s otherwise giving away, he’ll send you a limited edition (1 of 100 — No. 98 is to the left) 3″ CD with a hand-painted cover. Now, perhaps you’re all iTuned out and that offer holds nothing for you. But if you ask me it’s good to remember that music ain’t just something you download – it’s something that’s created—and in this case created just for you.

4 Replies to “Ben Kamen”

  1. All I can say is "Wow!" Thank you for posting Ben Kamen's work. This is definitely one artist I'm adding to my list to buy!

  2. Kind of like a less talented Sam Beam of Iron and Wine. Still, I have it in my rotation now. I love the raw sound and simplicity of a single acoustic guitar and vocals.

  3. Thanks for putting his songs on this site, i will spread the name Ben Kamen in The Netherlands… Ben is something special, i heard a lot of men with guitar, but i want to hear these songs over and over again!!! Come to Holland this year, Ben!

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