School of Language

After their sophomore album, Tones of Town, the band Field Music called it quits, in a sense, momentarily, but not really. They didn’t break up, but instead kept working, individually, trying to be as productive and creative as they always wanted to be. I assume they have plans to make music as Field Music again. In the meantime, School of Language is the first product to surface from the hiatus. The first single, “Rockist Part 1” (there are four parts of the song on the album) finds David Brewis taking his School of Language moniker seriously as a barrage of looped and layered vowel sounds stream through the song, but thankfully not the album, in its entirety. By part 3 of “Rockist” the looped vocals take a backseat and sound like a more traditional instrument. Working by himself, the similarities between Brewis and Andy Partridge seem more prominent. If “Rockist” tickles your proverbial fancy, take a gander at the album stream. Brewis tours the States beginning in March, fleshing out his one man band with Doug McCombs (Tortoise) and Ryan Rapsys (Euphone).

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