I’ve been digging through the mail and scouring the net for two hours searching for that something something that will hit the spot. Figurines do the trick. The band’s last album Skeletons recently made it back into heavy rotation here at 3hive’s Southern California HQ, the wood/cork paneled office in my ’70s suburban tract home, so I figured I’d do some nop-notch investigative work on the band’s current status. I struck gold: two new tracks from their forthcoming LP, When the Deer Wore Blue, plus the video for another. At first I was let down by the songs’ slower tempo, but only for a listen or two. The slower the tempo the more they channel a lovely, laid-back Beach Boys vibe (“The Air We Breathe”). The band’s U.S. label, The Control Group, already has the album up for sale, but it won’t be out in their hometown until next month. I’m kicking myself for missing them in L.A. back in October. This calls for an exception to my no-mailing-lists-because-I-don’t-need-the-extra-emails-rule. Sign me up boys!

Hey Girl [MP3, 3.0MB, 160kbps]
The Air We Breathe [MP3, 4.2MB, 128kbps]

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