Michael Brook

Michael Brook fits my mood to a T these days. Melancholic, introspective, thoughtful, and downright chill. I first discovered Brook via his work with David Sylvian and Rain Tree Crow (and later with Robert Fripp). This prompted a purchase of his album Cobalt Blue, which I often turn to for a dose of sheer mellow bliss (Do yourself a favor and track down the song “Breakdown” from that album). Brook lures listeners in with his infinite guitar, an instrument of his own making, designed to sustain a note indefinitely. I’m not sure if he uses this instrument on his current album, but his guitar work remains gorgeous nevertheless. The first two tracks come from his newest album, Bell Curve, which is a companion piece to last year’s RockPaperScissors. He also scored the movie An Inconvenient Truth where you can find the song “Election.” His soundtrack to the Michael Mann movie Heat allows deserves investigation. Oh, and I just about forgot his score for Sean Penn’s Into The Wild. Michael Brook is quite possibly your favorite movie composer you never realized you’ve heard. Until now.