Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

By the time I’ve published a post I’ve probably listened to the song(s) I’m reviewing around twenty times. But it only takes about twenty seconds to decide whether or not I like the song enough to post it. This was not the case with the present artist. As soon as Kate Tucker parted her lips to release her rich, dulcet voice I was gathering rope and beeswax to avoid following her to my inevitable destruction (forgive my allusion to the Odyssey; I’m deep into the Rouse translation…). You’d hear no complaints from me if this was the last voice I ever heard. Tucker herself journeyed from her home in Ohio across the country to Seattle and settled in with a couple Swedes and a young man obsessed with the Cocteau Twins. Tucker’s folk-influenced picking patterns (I stole that one straight outta the bio) sumptuously melt with her band’s ethereal programming and reverberating guitars. The result of their meeting should be ringing brightly in your ears now. If not, get your click on! With the WGA strike entering its second week, the music folks over at Grey’s Anatomy will have extra time to discover this siren’s songs.