It’s only been about seven months since I first posted Efterklang, but they have a new album out and a fantastic, playful, M.C. Escher-esque video and, well, it’s all very exciting. Both “Cutting Ice to Snow” and “Mirador” (the video track) showcase Efterklang’s beautiful knack for creating soundtracks to films that haven’t been made — though I guess in the case of “Mirador” that’s only half true. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a sublime way to add a lilting soundtrack to your own never-ending film. Oh, and for those of you in Europe, Efterklang will be on tour all season, so go to their website and see if they’ll be near you…

ORIGINAL POST (3/15/07):
For the past while I’ve been enjoying the roster of Danish label Rumraket thanks to Rasmus, the guy at the label who tells me about all of the label’s bands. It turns out that Rasmus ain’t just a Gertrude Stein—he and Efterklang, the band that was the reason behind Rumraket’s inception, are incredibly talented in their own right. Seriously, it shames me a bit to admit I’d touted several Rumraket bands and not found the lovely Efterklang for myself. But, better late than never when the “discovery” is a group attuned to the artificial intelligence of Matmos, as alternately sweeping and soothing as the womb music of Sigur Ros, and as cheerfully melancholy as the Postal Service. Efterklang may even sound familiar to you O.C. fans because they’ve had a track featured on the plot-challenged but soundtrack-gifted series. And where was I for that? Obviously not on my couch with the TV on—and for once I regret it.
Towards the Bare Hill [MP3, 3.7MB, 160kbps]
Redrop [MP3, 1.9MB, 64kbps]
Step Aside [MP3, 4.8MB, 96kbps]
Monopolist [MP3, 4.8MB, 64kbps]
Swarming (Antenne Version) [MP3, 3MB, 64kbps]
Jojo (live) [MP3, 8.5MB, 160kbps]

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