This is a fun mystery.

Having stumbled upon Hasch’m’Méneum through the backalleys of Last.fm, I have yet to find any more information on them. The best source of information comes in the way of the “electrojazz” tag given to them on said social music network. Normally we at Moodmat shun genre names, especially those of the hastily taped- and stapled-together variety. But this one ain’t bad. Hasch’m’Méneum’s “jazz” has a blues-y chug to it, and their “electro” bubbles a bit under the surface. So songs like “Heliotrope” wouldn’t be out of place in a Jazzanova set, and “Slide” evokes the “future sound of Hull,” a.k.a. Fila Brazillia. Who are these masked men? And why did they leave us two free albums to download?

Dan Sicko (special guest to 3hive.com)


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