65 Days of Static

Just read my original post…so much has changed and so much hasn’t. Same goes for 65 Days of Static. They’re still making instrumental rock that I actually like. But they’ve since matured their sound a bit. It’s less of an aural blitz and more of subtle, studied sound. Don’t get me wrong, they still have an edge to them: they had to kick a Scottish after-school dance troupe out of their own auditorium to record the grand piano for this album. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

Original post (12/20/2004):
I just got back from two weeks of working in London. Sounds great, I know, and for the most part it was. But, as a wise man once crooned, “being apart ain’t easy on this love affair.” So, as I fought jet lag and IMed my wife at 2am, I’d leave the TV on in the background for a little company. I usually kept it on mute, but when the video for 65 Days of Static’s “Retreat!Retreat!” flickered on, I turned up the volume and got sucked right in. Why can’t we just swap these guys for Linkin Park and make the charts a better place for everyone? Here are a couple secular tracks, plus a seasonal treat to play in your iPod as you fight through the crowds at Toys ‘R’ Us. Ho ho ho, indeed.


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  1. Thanks thanks thanks! I got "I'm Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas/Christina" and that made my christmas much better! Happy new year to you all, guys!

  2. Caught these guys on Radio 1 couple if nights back! HOLE…… Oh what a pleasure to my ears Wrexham should know about this I played it loud enough in my motor!!! Play.com have the CD £5.99 I bought it!
    FANTASTIC Sounds!!

  3. I saw this bunch live and they were IMMENSE! I'm going to see them again tomorrow at The Tunnels in Aberdeen. Get there if you can!

  4. aaah! bueno, i love love love these guys, saw them in sheffield a while back and was so stunned at how good they are live 🙂

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