How about a hefty dose from Alias! Today we feature a broad sampling from Alias’s discography, beginning with remixes from his brand-spanking new remix collection, coincidentally titled Collected Remixes. Alias is anything but generic when it comes to producing his music. He adds so much more to his remix projects than a throwaway beat. He makes each song his own with his signature atmospherics and keyboard work—from reworking indie stalwart John Vanderslice to dropping the low end on Lali Puna’s björk-core to goblet-shattering levels.

Alias stands head and shoulders above most hip-hop producers because rather than relying on sampling Alias implements live and electronic instrumentation. He still taps the past for inspiration as evidenced by the Black Celebration era riff of “Cobblestone Waltz,” a track recorded with his brother Ehren for their collaborative instrumental album, Lillian. And don’t miss his work with Rona “Tarsier” Rapadas. It’s anything but a sidenote. His colorful production gently lifts her already lush and soaring vocals. There’s plenty here to digest, but just a few songs in you’ll hear how Alias, like several of his fellow Bay Area beat-heads, has single-handedly broadened the boundaries of hip-hop, revealing its rich possibilities.

7 Replies to “Alias”

  1. lovin' it. hmmmm, when i try to download any of the songs, other than the remixes, they're coming up as text files? 🙁

  2. Wow, the "What you gave away" remix sounds good even in reverse. The lyrics are flipped towards the end of the song. Try it!

  3. I dig this stuff, but to say it's 'broadening the boundaries of hip-hop' is a bit off. These sound like ambient dance stuff from Nick Warren and drum and bass work from Roni Size and LTJ Bukem. Of course, they were doing stuff like this 10-15 years ago, but it's considered techno. What does it say if hip-hop has to change genres to find new possibilities?

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