Charlotte Gainsbourg

If classic French pop singers are my weakness, then Charlotte Gainsbourg is kryptonite. She’s not only the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg, France’s version of Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen combined, but she’s gifted with Gallic melancholy—wispy melody-making that is perpetually running from the spotlight but never making it all the way out—that seems to be instilled in the French, or at least those who sing, from birth. (Although, Charlotte is half-British, so perhaps there’s a bit of Anglo resignation there as well.) “The Songs That We Sing” is one such number, which despite being in her English tongue loses none of its quiet desperation. You can hear AND see for yourself, because Michel Gondry shot the video. Oh, Charlotte’s also an actress of some renown and both her acting and her appearance could be termed, if you will, “magically delicious.” I hadn’t noticed that until just now. Had you?

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  1. Except being a jew I really don't see your Reed/Cohen connection with Serge Gainsbourg..If you desperatly need a comparison across the ocean the only face I can see is C.Bukowski.Both for bottles, poetry, sex and "ugly" face…Otherwise, Charlotte and Air's guys have made a great album, sure!

  2. Kind of fun that this tune employs many of the tropes of her father's hit "Bonnie and Clyde", especially the quivering violin lines, the glockenspiel, and pretty much the exact same temp and sonic template.

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