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Tim O. and I went to see Ted Leo/Pharmacists last night, which was loud enough to blow out the new amp Ted bought earlier in the day, and so as ear therapy on the way home we listened to God Save The Clientele, due out next Tuesday. It’s so awesomely mellow, psychedelic and spacy that I’ve been using it at home in a similar manner, like when my 4-year old daughter repeatedly “sings” a joked-up version of the alphabet (X, T, G, R, B, V, J, J, J, etc.) at the top of her lungs. While the single “Bookshop Casanova” is fine, I’d drop a dollar on the whispers of “The Queen of Seville” or the Lawrence Welk-inspired “From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica” for a better feel for the new album, or for straightforward, drug-free headache relief.

Bookshop Casanova [MP3, 5.2MB, 192kbps]

Original post: 11/17/05
Hey, Clay! What’s up? Hey, how come you never posted The Clientele? This band seems right up your alley — hazy, dreamy British guitar pop about London and all that. I mean, just look at this song title: “St. Paul’s Beneath a Sinking Sky.” Isn’t that your thing? I guess if you didn’t post because The Clientele have only one free & legal MP3 available, and that song clocks in at less than two minutes long, well, that’s understandable. But they do have a new album out, and that’s as good a reason as any to post ’em. BTW, if you happen to be in Detroit this Sunday, let’s take Sam out for his birthday and catch The Clientele at the Magic Stick. Pas/Cal, a band you posted way back when, is opening. Greetings to the whole family! Love, Joe

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  1. Dear Joe:
    Thanks for post. Ah yes, the Clientele. They've been on my list for some time, ever since I first confused them with an 80's English mod band. But you know how it goes, so many bands, so little time, and I never got around to them.
    Sorry, but I will not be in Detriot this weekend. I would have loved to join you celebrating D2's (as I call him) birthday. I'm just glad he's now as old as I. Give him a big birthday hug for me.
    So anyway, enjoy the show. Pas/Cal's got their set list already posted on their website, so if you want to be surprised, don't peek. They do have some new MP3's up, so I'll be adding those to 3hive shortly.
    Kisses to your girls! Talk to you soon,

  2. Man. That really took me back. The Magic Stick. I'm from Detroit. I have seen many a group at the Magic Stick. Good post. I'll have to check the Clientele. Hope Sam has a nice birthday.

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