We’ve had so many requests to post CocoRosie that I don’t even know who to thank for the suggestion. What do these fans dig so much about CocoRosie? How about: cool beats & fractured rhythms, sonorous atonality & coherent dissonance, pageantry & experimentation, mythology & realism. Sierra and Bianca Casady — Rosie and Coco — do their own thing (that is, that thing that good artists do). This can be heard on their latest album, The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn, out now on Touch and Go Records.

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  1. thanks for posting cocorosie! I love their songs… the sisters are very controversial in the lyrics that they use (i guess this adds to their appeal?)… i'm really hoping they are being sarcastic in some of their songs… but nonetheless, i love their style, it's so different but really catchy!

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