Hayward Williams

Like most people, I imagine, I go through serious phases where all I want to do is immerse myself in the Midwest. Living in Michigan and rarely traveling outside my area code makes this quite easy. And so, the landscape (flat), the language (flat), the food (fat), the culture (forlorn) all feel like home to me. Hayward Williams is from Milwaukee, hence he’s a Midwesterner, so it’s kind of like we’re related. That’s why these tracks below, from his albums Trenchfoot and Another Sailor’s Dream sound so right, to me at least. “Redwoods” is my jam for the day, even if we don’t have a tree a third of one’s height here.


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  1. your comments about the midwest are so accurate and funny. I grew up in suburban illinois….can’t get any flatter than that! I also lived in Milwaukee for 2 years. Could be why I’m now dwelling in the culture overloaded craziness called NYC!

  2. Hey guys, I have a weekly radio show focusing on the music of the blogosphere. Usually I try not to glut myself on one or two blogs, but the music you've had on the site recently has been outstanding. No surprise, you're perennial favs of mine.
    Keep up the good work all.
    -Thomas B, host of Blogomatic for the People, 90.7 KJHK, Lawrence

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