Tobias Hellkvist

Tobias Hellkvist is a Swedish singer/songwriter/guitarist who came to me by way of Efterklang, whose sweetly melancholy “Step Aside” Hellkvist treats with great charity on his own cover. His winsome yet penetrating vocals might remind you of Iron & Wine, as will his gentle acoustic melodies. Likewise his instrumental tracks hang in the air like autumn leaves. Sorry, MySpace seems to have made it next to impossible (at least to my limited abilities) to directly link to their MP3s anymore, but after downloading “Step Aside,” head to Hellkvist’s MySpace page and give your day an extra dozen minutes of sublime reflection.

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  1. I would have hoped that a Swedish crooner would stand out with as much of a unique sound as his compatriot rockers the Teddy Bears. I give Tobias an… eh.

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