Richard Hawley

Mark Kozelek from Red House Painters. Josh Hayden from Spain. John Prine (without the country). Mazzy Star (but not a girl). Nick Drake. Bob Dylan. Richard Hawley. Classic sad singer-songwriter material, quiet and mellow soul-searching, like the best ’60s slow-pop. These tracks are for the long drive, the deep, dark night, the El trip home from the bar alone. “Darlin” and “The Nights are Cold” are my favorites, or let’s make it favourites, from this forlorn Brit. Cheers.

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  1. Richard has been a personal favourite for a few years. Cole's Corner and Late Night Finale are 2 great great albums 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the Hawley tracks! He has been a favorite of mine ever since a friend sent me Can You Hear the Rain, Love? on a mix. It was great to see his name on 3hive.

  3. does anyone know how to play cheap spanish whine? i cant seem to find the sheet music anywhere.

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