An old radio colleague of mine, Chet Tapp (imagine the coincidence), used to do this radio show called “Smooth As Chet.” See, Chet was a big fan of “smooth” pop. He was a complete freak for Everything But the Girl, China Crisis and The Blue Nile. Especially The Blue Nile. The band Chet gives off a nice, unhurried and controlled smoothness that I think my friend Chet would appreciate. I can imagine Chet wrapping up another hour of his supreme chill with a track like “Don’t Let Your Cruel Heart Count Me In,” or the laid-back, jazzy tune “Fight Against Darkness.” Their grandiose, over-wrought vocals may take some getting used to, but acquired tastes often become one’s preferred tastes, so be sure to give this one a few listens. In a big, cushy easy chair with your feet up and a tasty cool beverage in hand.

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