The Never

The Never are the erstwhile geek rock (think Weezer) outfit of songwriters Ari Picker and Noah Smith, along with college friends Joah and Jonny Tunnell. I say “erstwhile” not just because it’s such a geeky word but because The Never’s latest LP extends well beyond geek rock to an intricately crafted multimedia project, including a 50-page illustrated storybook (featuring 40 original oil paintings by Noah himself) and a corresponding suite of songs depicting a country boy’s journey to return a nuclear bomb to the city. Word is The Never are aiming to adapt Antarctica for the stage. And, given the cinematic leanings of Ari’s latest Lost in the Trees EP, I wouldn’t be surprised if a film version follows…

3 Replies to “The Never”

  1. Don't quite care for that earlier track, but the stuff from their new album sounds pretty damn good. I'll have to put this on my list, heh.

  2. I actually really enjoyed "The Witch". I thought there were some catchy changes, a nice melody, and subtle ambience. I don't think it hurts to have a little Ben Folds in your catalog, as an influence. Musicality and lyricism are a plus in my book.

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