Lost in the Trees

Part of the reason I’m dropping a Saturday two-fer on your ears is the overwhelming guilt of having missed the last two Saturdays. I mean, I used to be good for two posts a week and then some…take a look at me now. The other part of the reason is Ari Picker, singer/songwriter/pianist extraordinaire. His latest release as Lost in the Trees is the cinematic (in the Danny Elfman sense of the word) Time Taunts Me. It’s big and orchestral and at the same time intimate and folksy. The big and orchestral part can be attributed to the cast of fellow Berklee School of Music classical music students he convinced to breathe life into his arrangements. The intimate and folksy part is all Ari whose his whispered delivery and careful sentimentality give the whole thing a nice, soft underbelly. Big and orchestral blend with intimate and folksy to create a compelling and vaguely menacing landscape — like dark thunder clouds rolling over meticulous fields of wheat. The concept album bug seems to be spreading across everything Ari touches, when you look at where his indie pop/rock group The Never went with their latest—which leads me to Part Two of the two-fer…


4 Replies to “Lost in the Trees”

  1. I absolutely love this track and I went to the site and checked out the other stuff and I am definitely going to pick up this record as soon as it comes out! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Great melodies, rhythmic changes, and a depth of creativity I've not heard for years. Between the notes I hear Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, and others, but Ari's music defies a category. I want to own it and will be ordering all his music from Trekkyrecords.com.

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