Perhaps many of you are too young to remember the “Super Bowl Shuffle”, that perpetual answer to a trivia question that took the nation by storm in 1985, the last time Da Bears were in the big game. Sweetness talkin’ about how “runnin’ the ball is like makin’ romance”; Jim McMahon, who is so white and uncool that the Utah high school where he graduated is named “Roy,” wearing his glasses and rappin’ anyway; Mike Singletary trying hard not to look like Urkel before there was even such a thing—in other words, it was to 10-year-old boys and 40-year-old men what “We Are the World” was to 10-year-old girls and 40-year-old women a year earlier. But that was two decades ago. Rex Grossman? Sorry dude, but you’re no Mac. The real QB is down the interstate in Indy, and now he’s got a fight song by Indy homeboys the Mudkids, part of the capital city’s Musical Family Tree. This sorta-crunky version may not feature any of the players, but when you’re droppin’ lines like “We love the Colts ‘cuz the blue’s the hottest part of the flame,” you don’t need no stinkin’ Chi-Town shufflers!

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  1. hi shan. nice post. jim mcmahon married my mom's sister and in 4th grade i brought a "mad mac" poster into my schoolroom and the girls talked big about my uncle's chest hair. there was a point last year when i considered doing a 'shuffle' post on 1.618, but good taste held me back.

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