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We’re pushing three years serving music fans by “sharing” from artists and frankly it’s time we give back to the music makers. Introducing (no relation to 3hive). BeatHive is an online marketplace for musicians to buy and sell loops. They currently have producers from the US, UK, Spain, Argentina and Canada, offering their best loops in Apple Loop and Acid formats, which work in programs like GarageBand and ACID. This means even uninitiated songwriters can grab some loops and start banging out the hits.

We came across BeatHive and thought it was the coolest thing since curly fries, so we asked them if they’d be willing to share some free loops with y’all. They said yes! Both WAV and AIFF formats are available and all the loops are 100% royalty free. Mouse over the handy buttons to hear each of the loops. The download links are just below.

3Hive 12-pack Contents:

Drums 1 Synth 1
Scraper Guitar 1
Triangle Drums 2
Guitar 2 Pedal Steel
Electric Bass Synth 2
Drums 3 Bass Synth
Download Apple Loop AIFF Format Here
Download ACIDized WAV Format Here
(Not sure which format to use? Click here.)

CONTEST: Make Stuff from BeatHive, Post it on 3Hive!

Now here’s the fun part: create a piece of music using all or part of at least six loops from this 12-pack and post a URL of the mp3 to the comments. Five top compositions, picked by 3Hive and BeatHive, will receive a free Best of BeatHive, Vol 1. DVD-ROM (click here to check it out) that’s just chock full of royalty free loops, a 12-pack of CDs from 3hive artists, and we’ll post the tracks on 3hive (CONTEST ENDS 1/22/07 and we reserve the right to make up the rules as we go along).

22 Replies to “Beat Hive”

  1. Name: Dark Deepness
    Artist: Tim Porter
    Album: The Infinity Aeronaut
    So, I guess I'm the first submitter. I'm cool with that.
    It's all good.
    loops used:
    1.Synth 1
    3.Drums 1
    5.Drums 3
    6.Electric Bass
    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  2. Ok, so I don't have any free server space other than my myspace (sorry, I know that myspace is lame and owned by none other than rupert murdoch but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). If anyone has any server space that they'd like to let me borrow or knows of somewhere where I can host for free, then please let me know. For now, the song is at
    It's called "The Dispossessed". The track consists entirely of sounds I managed to squeeze out of all 12 samples (via slicing, pitch-shifting, all that fun stuff) and no samples were used outside of the ones that beathive offered. It was really a fun experience making it, so I want to thank you guys again for the opportunity.
    Also, I apologize if it at times gets a bit noisy. I know some people aren't into that and with good reason, but I've been on a merzbow kick and that just messes with your head, haha.
    p.s. Everyone's tracks have been groovy so far! I look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. Song: “Pulsations From The Hive”
    Artist: Zebulon (aka James Harris)
    Time: 3:30
    Genre: Hard Trance
    I managed to use I think pretty much all the loops you gave us, sliced them and diced them, added some distortion to some, and I came up with a deep heavy and danceable track that gets your heart pumpin and your feet tappin’. I mixed it in Apple’s Garageband 3.0.
    You can find more of my stuff here:
    awesome contest!
    if the above url doesn’t work, go to the music section of my site, and go to the very bottom – the song can be found there as well.

  4. Forget the earlier song.
    I made an EP of my song, this one called “Darker Deepness.
    sorry I couldn’t find a direct link.
    Go here and click on the song “Darker Deepness” on the right side.

  5. Hi Folks,
    Here is my submission, “Nevermind Blue”, at
    Loops used:
    Drums 1
    Electric Bass
    Pedal Steel
    Bass Synth
    Vocals, guitar, additional loops and programming performed by me.
    If you’d like a higher bit rate than the 96 kbps available on MySpace, let me know.
    Not too many posts here or on BeatHive, hopefully you’ve been receiving more?
    Thanks a lot for the fun!

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