Sonya Cotton

You know how, with some singers, you can pick up on speech or vocal patterns like accents or dialects really easily, while with others it’s almost impossible? Think about how British Billy Bragg sounds compared to, say, Paul McCartney. Or how a lot of the Swedish and Canadian bands we’ve posted actually sound like generic suburban America. Research has probably already been done on the impact of mass media on localized speech patterns ever since the popularization of radio; heck, this research could probably go back to the effects of court (ruling class) language on the merchant or even lower classes. Anyway, to get to the point, I like how Sonya Cotton sings the phrase “Guard your heart, darling,” in the song below with a similar title. It reminds me of Gillian Welch, and they both remind me of people singing the way they really speak. And sometimes that sounds nice.

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  1. just a brief note – Canadians sounding like suburban Americans isn't an affectation. Other than the Quebecois, we pretty much sound the same with a few variances (like 'root beer' for example). Anyway, nice song.

  2. yeah, Michael, i know it's close, but i usually have a few canadians in my classes, and they're not all that hard to spot. and it is more than just the "aboot" stuff…
    the funny thing is, my wife always gets pegged as canadian because of her bay city, michigan accent

  3. Hey, bro – nice pick. Great sound. And while I've been accused of having it myself, I very much doubt the existence of the "bay city accent." Or are we all just in denial?

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