The Black Antipodes

Is Denmark the new Sweden? But borders aren’t important. We here at 3hive love all Scandanavians, especially the ones who have a way with a guitar. The Black Antipodes claim Sonic Youth, The Stokes, and Interpol, among others, as influences, and it’s easy to hear all three in “Black Coffee and Pie.” My grandmother-in-law, a full Dane, if she were still here, would be so pleased.

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  1. Dunno where to write this, so.. ill just go on. To be sure i like your site very much and im surprised how local you get. Im alot into music and im from DK (so proud :p) but never heard of The blacks A-podes. But back to the point, are you against telling about more wellknown music ? Of course you arent telling about Arctic Monkeys, cause people explores that themselves. What about some semi-known artists. Just an example Jimmy Edgar, i havent read or heard of him anywhere but he is experienced and have done some albums before, i think 🙂 Included in that was an suggestion, smart huh ?
    Keep it goin' yo…

  2. Oskar:
    So your question is "…are you against telling about more well know music?"
    The answer: No. But we love finding and sharing new bands, plus bands we've known and loved for years. Like the 3hive motto says, sharing the sharing. Also, many "well known" bands don't share the MP3's like, shall we say, "lesser known" bands, so that factors into it, too.
    Thanks for joining us,

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