Gertie Fox

Heart-warming, frayed guitar pop with frayed vocals to match. Their press release suggests they may be the United States’ answer to Wolf Parade, who were Canada’s answer to Modest Mouse (who were Seattle’s answer to the Pixies…). I’ll say this: they’re from L.A., so they must be actors, and actors are paid to pretend they’re someone else. So if they seem like they’re pretending to be Wolf Parade, keep in mind they’re just doing their jobs—and they’re pretty good at it. These two tracks are from their new self-released album called An Imaginary Meeting in the Woods, there are a half a dozen other downloadable tracks from previous releases on their site (one of these rainy days I might link to them directly).

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  1. Love the site, etc., etc., as always, but I'm not sure a band could possibly sound less like Wolf Parade.
    Actually, Fleetwood Mac sound less like Wolf Parade, so scratch that.
    Thanks for nothing as usual, official press releases!

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