Cacoy is a Japanese electro trio possibly named for a Filipino martial arts legend and signed to a Danish record label. Their song Piracle Pa doesn’t seem to be from any language, but the soothing organ and lilting female vocals sound like French/Canadian/British indie-pop darlings Stereolab. “Yoko Majikick Ono” seems to be named for the Japanese-born U.S. resident, and with its rubbery, buoyant cornucopia of digital burps, it sounds like a track from U.S.-born Josh Presseisen’s Japanese-named project, Marumari. In other words, it makes for good listening no matter where you lay your headphones.

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  1. hmmm…that’s very interesting. “kakkoii” means “cool,” and cacoy are definitely cool. but so is Ciriaco “Cacoy” Cañete!

  2. the song piracle pa is in japanese, or at least has enough bits of it that it seems in japanese to me.
    really nice music.

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