The Autumn Project

No, summer ain’t over, but the kids are back in school, which means it’s essentially autumn. Des Moines, Iowa’s The Autumn Project and their post-rock sounds, then, provide us with our first assignment of the school year. Their 2003 LP Fable is a case study in the genre, full of monsterous guitar soundscapes and crashing cymbals. Their latest A Burning Light is darker and more focused, as demonstrated by doing a little compare and contrast between “Of Memorium” from Fable and the newer “Between the Smoke & Mirrors.” Five paragraphs, double-spaced. Due tomorrow.

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  1. Very well-executed instrumentals, and I really appreciate that each one is fairly long (9 minutes for Buffalo!). I'm also impressed with how well these remained rock songs without being obnoxious. Certainly not ambient electronica, but this is still some good stuff to have on in the background.

  2. We (Actors&Actresses) played with these boys a couple of months back in Kansas City. hoosh – and we thought WE had a big ambient sound. they absolutely crushed.
    plus they had a smoke machine. we were so jealous.

  3. Sitting listening to "Of Memorium" from Fable reminds me of watching paint dry, only slower.
    No run, drips or errors on this one, just a building wall of sound and passion.
    On the new album they have changed their minds, but not their instruments. And the wall is falling down a bit.
    Well make that a lot. The wall lands on your head and your left wondering what the hell held it up in the first place.
    Though I missed the deadline, you'll feel like you got extra credit for listening to these guys.

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