Summertime rules. And it’s got the best of the 3hive crew as we can’t seem to remember who’s posting when, who’s filling in for who when the latter who’s vacationing. But not even summer can stop us even while it’s trying to melt us all. New music everyday, or damn near close. Today’s selection is Peppertree: soaring, dramatic rock from Québec. A nice interplay between opposites (acoustic/electric, English/French, soft/loud) gives off an air of dramatic tension, without giving into overt thespianism. If you’ve been searching for Radiohead’s French Canadian cousin, you’ve found them.

5 Replies to “Peppertree”

  1. I'd love to buy their albums if they appeared to, you know, have any. Am I missing something? The site seems to be in a surreal broken English, so it's quite possible I glossed over something.

  2. yes. this is very good…i can see the radiohead influence, and that is in no way a bad thing….great find!!
    peppertree is on my radar now…

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