Jonah Matranga

Jonah Matranga is a veteran of a diverse set of rock bands (Far, New End Original, Gratitude) going back about 15 years. Jonah has now taken to the punk ethic (if not sound) of roaming the globe with a guitar and an amp and a book of intimate songs—both originals and interpretations of personal favorites. Jonah recently stepped out from behind the Onelinedrawing moniker he’d been using for his singerly/songwriterly work. Which makes sense: with music this approachable, we ought to be able to call him by name. “How Does Life Go?” is a heartbreaking yet catchy tune from a recent Welcome Home Records comp. “A New England” is a slightly Americanized rendition of a classic by one of the great living punks-roaming-the-globe-with-a-guitar-and-an-amp, Billy Bragg. If you’re digging, you should check out Jonah’s split 12-inch of covers with Frank Turner, who covers “You Are My Sunshine” and The Lemonheads “The Outdoor Type” on the flip.

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