Hmmm. I’ve been somewhat bored with music lately. Slow stuff is really getting to me. I saw Radiohead in LA a few weeks ago, and while it was a good show (“Paranoid Android” was awesome!), when the stagehands started wheeling the piano out, that was my queue to sit down. I just fly through my old lady’s iPod on shuffle. Boring. Next. Boring. Next. Boring. Next. Maybe it’s due to my advancing years, but I need something with some zing to it, some energy! Of course I say that and here I find myself digging out LA’s Languis. Their drive to create electronic music with real instruments is intriguing, as are their frequent releases, their impressive list of contributors, and their musical histories. Which because I’m sick of writing, I’m going to make you read for yourselves at the links below, after listening to “In The Fields of (Lonely Fences)” from their Other Desert Cities EP.

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  1. This song is actually "Times Are Changing". They seem to have mislabled it at the label site. Great song in any case.

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