Ah, music my great distraction. You wouldn’t believe all the things I should be doing right now. I’ll spare you the boring details. I put it all aside to prove to the world that 3hive is the pinnacle of uncool. The Mount Everest of square. There are an umpteen number of cooler music blogs than this place. “Umpteen?” I told you. We’re dorks (I speak for myself here, shouldn’t drag the rest of the guys into this). Birdmonster is living proof of our cool-lessness. The cool blogs were talking up Birdmonster a year ago. Some blogs tried to be as uncool as us, but they’re eight months cooler. So Birdmonster, a year later and they’re still great, still holding up under the pressure of being the next “thing.” “Resurrection Song” has been their introduction to the world. Its spare production and the band’s playing bring an immediate sense of urgency, like there’s no tomorrow for these boys. When Peter Arcuni’s singing hits three-fourths the way in you get Malkmus-smart lyrics, and a similar delivery. More agressive and less pretentious than Pavement. That’s the soundbite. If you haven’t heard Birdmonster yet, well, you’re in good hands with 3hive.

*Note: Tune in today at 4pm Eastern at for a live performance of Birdmonster. More upcoming shows available here.

06/19/06 Update: Birdmonster’s WOXY Set
07/31/06 Update: Birdmonster Leaves Nest + MP3

3 Replies to “Birdmonster”

  1. well it was def. worth the wait. Great post!!!!!!!
    P.S.- You guys are cooler than the other side of the pillow

  2. yes! this album is kick ass! it’s been in constant rotation on the nano. in other words it’s pretty dang good.
    nice one.

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