Goodnight Monsters

If you’re fluent in German you might enjoy the online magazine Spoonfork (in English we call it a “spork”). I don’t speak German, so I can’t give it a proper review. They’re kind enough to link to our entries once in awhile, so I’ll stop by there every so often to hear what they’re listening to. They seem to have a weak spot for sunshiney pop, and indeed Finland’s Goodnight Monsters are beaming with it. “20 Fingers 20 Toes” is an anatomically wonderful love song which captures a couple cataloging their combined body parts. Contemporaries might include The Boy Least Likely To, influences obviously include The Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach. This is a shimmering gem you’d be wise to add to your forthcoming Summer mixes…

(By the way: today is the last day to enter our Psapp contest)

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