Pony Up!

With all the recent focus on the Mexican border we’ve taken our eyes off the one above us. We shouldn’t let aliens like this in unnoticed. There’s great energy in their sing-along melodies and deceptive naiveté. And now for a totally random metaphor: you know how when you’re steaming vegetables and you keep the steam on too long and the brocolli gets all soggy and mushy? Well Pony Up! isn’t like that at all. They’re perfectly past that raw point to keep things crisp and snappy.


6 Replies to “Pony Up!”

  1. Wow, this is great! What is in the water up in Canada? So many great bands lately, Bedouin Soundclash, Islands, Russian Futurists and so many more representing all different styles melody making.

  2. These guys are great. I have their ep that came out last year. Glad to know they have a new full length out.

  3. Canadians have established themselves in the past few years with good indie pop and rock. I thought all Canadians lived in timber houses fighting off bears all day. It is true, Americans are stupid.

  4. Indeed much good music coming out of Canada right now. You should check out the Meligrove Band, the 6ixty 8ights & the Golden Dogs if you like this.
    Shut and Kiss Me is a pretty great song.

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