The Silver Hearts

We’ve done some orchestral pop here recently, with posts on Architecture in Helsinki and The Heavy Blinkers. The Silver Hearts — an Ontario ten-piece band — use a lot of the same instruments, but really without the pop part. Think a hundred years ago and you’re headed in the right direction. Think Tom Waits vaudville and you’re even closer to home. In fact, available from The Silver Hearts is their own song-by-song interpretation of Waits’s 1985 classic Rain Dogs (click here if you’re curious). Their “beer and brothel orchestra” sound is probably a pretty good fit.

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  1. Keeping in the vaudville theme, I caught a band a few weeks ago named HUMANWINE that blew me away! They opened for the Dresden Dolls and as the Dolls are out of Boston, so from good stock. Great Stuff;)!

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