Mr. Comicstore

We’re closer to the ’10s than we are to the ’90s. And guess what happens when we hit 2010? The twenty-year flashback happens in music. It’s a theory I have. Popular music recycles itself every twenty years. What’s the “now” sound? We’re re-living the ’80s right? Started off with the electro-clash thing and it’s morphed into this Talking Heads/The Cure vibe. Back in the ’90s we were dealing with a re-hash of the ’70s—everything from grunge’s revival of hippie-rock, to the resurgence of punk. It’s not a perfect theory by any means, but you can always find some interesting examples of this. Along comes Mr. Comicstore, a reminder that the DJ was king/queen of the ’90s. Party DJs like Fatboy Slim were all that and a bag of chips. Whether Mr. Comicstore is early on the DJ revival, or late to the party is your call. Either way, he’ll get your booty moving. (Thanks to Samantha for the tip. By the way, these aren’t complete tracks, but I’ll let it slide this time since they’re long enough to mix into and out of on your “two [iPods] and a microphone.”)

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  1. Your 20-year theory pertains at least as far back as the '70's, when in my high school marching band we were forced to do several '50's-themed half-time shows.

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