John Hughes

Let’s get his pedigree out of the way. Yes, John Hughes is related to that John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller). It’s a father/son relationship. The younger Hughes (the third actually) runs Hefty Records out of Chicago. Ten years ago he started the label as a way to get his own music out back when he was recording under the moniker Bill Ding (his other nom de beat is Slicker). Hefty has released some amazing albums, including the new Eliot Lipp, Telefon Tel Aviv, and essential re-issues and remixes from trombonist/Motown player, Phil Ranelin. Back to Hughes’ music… “Gull” is featured on the new IA-Tunes EP, a digital version of Hefty’s Immediate Action series. This track has a great xylophone riff that sounds not unlike a riff in Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France.” In fact, “Gull” sounds as if “Tour de France” somehow broke and Hughes came across the pieces and put them back together to form a completely new song. In fact Hughes composed pretty much the entire song with his sick collection of modular synths. If you’re new to this world of Hefty, I suggest you jump in now, and jump in deep. If you’re already a fan, share your favorite Hefty moments with us in the comments.

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