Butterfly Explosion

Irish and Swedish bands. I’m a sucker for them. Irish caused I lived there for two years (even saw Bono’s house/castle/mansion on a road nicknamed, what else, Millionaire’s Row). Swedish cause they have some unexplained disposition to creating great pop music. Is it nature or nurture? Personally, I blame ABBA.

Butterfly Explosion are Irish, are unsigned, and recently played at SXSW. One reviewer names Duran Duran, Sigur Ros, Smashing Pumpkins, and My Bloody Valentine as comparisions. While I reject the MBV link (for reasons we won’t go into here), I would add Lush as a strong starting point. “Sophia” will be on a soon-to-be released EP.


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  1. Hey, you're right with Irish and Swedish bands; a lot of them have got it going on.
    But don't forget the unsigned wonders in Scotland. Bands like Futuro, Gum, Hotrod Cadets, and Amplifico. Do a Google search, and maybe post one of them up here.

  2. i don't know, the first band i thought of when i heard these guys was slowdive. sophia is a fantastic song! great band, thanks for sharing!

  3. …also great to know theres still some talent in Ireland 😉
    i wouldnt say MBV either but some of it is kinda shoegazey.
    Great Game is quite a grower(love the end).
    Sophia is just beautiful!!

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