Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer) has a record label called, subtly enough, Cock Rock Disco. Said label will be releasing the full-length debut of Amsterdam’s Rutger Hoedemaekers (aka About). About is all about “shredded pop,” as the sticker on my review copy describes it. It is, in fact, more shredded in places (e.g., “Think Niles Drink”) and more pop in others (e.g., “Strike You As the Enemy”). But sometimes About get the balance just right, which they do on a track not currently available for free and legal download (i.e., “Nogato”). Hmm, if only I could share it with you. If only… You know, you really should sign up for our mailing list. Just felt like saying that. Oh, and check the neat stop-motion video for “Think Niles Drink”. And sign up for the mailing list (lower right corner of the screen, btw). Just felt like saying it again.


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  1. I've been watching CRD since "The Unrelenting Sounds of the 1979 Post Disco Crash" came out. Been enjoying About for a while now; thanks for posting! Somehow I fel vindicated, even if I am the only comment.
    1) There's this guy who lives in our apartment building and he has a bumpersticker in the window of his SUV: "Rockstar." He thows these parties every payday which tend to degenerate into domestic disputes. And he plays really loud, bad hip-hop. Most people in the building refer to him as "Rockstar" to be purely facetious. Every time I walk my dog past is truck, I always have that part of the song "…rockstar boyfriend, rockstar boyfriend/This is how we mess with Shorty" go through my head.
    2) Jason Forrest will return your email.
    When you read his line by line reply, it's funnier to pretend he's reading it alound in his rambling, tangential voice like on the old AD&D Internet broadcasts (before there were podcasts).

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