Nothing is rotten in the state of Denmark. Musically speaking that is. Something’s very, very good actually. First Figurines and now Dúné. These Danes add the friskiness of Blur to the dancey moments of The Cure. Neither reinventing, nor redundant they’re definitely bringing a tasty plate of treats to the block party.


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  1. Killer Queen worked for me the other day, file-wise anyway, not musically. But I GUESS I can't expect stuff I like all the time.

  2. I downloaded them by right clicking and saving, but then I had to change the name of the file from count_file.php to something_else.mp3 . You can also use the “Save as…” dialog to change the name- at any rate, “.php” will *not* be recognized by your computer as a media file. I guess they must be using a php script to keep track of how many downloads there are. I did just try playing them by clicking the link and firefox was nice enough to activate the quicktime plugin to handle the mp3, but some media players might be more picky.

  3. you guys have heard mew? great danish band. kashmir is really good, too.
    if you haven't heard them, check them out! from what your taste in music seems to be, you'll love it 🙂
    greetings from a danish-norwegian

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