The National

Here’s how out of it I am (and not even because of our new month-old kid) — it took a couple of burned CDs from Katherine delivered in a Ziploc to clue me in to The National. All the while, I thought it was just the CBC’s nightly news program hosted by the stately, handsomely balding Peter Mansbridge. Instead, we’re talking a brooding, dark, intensely rocking band with heavy duty coverage from CMJ, BillBoard, Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune, Pitchfork and a bunch of other media sources I never have time to read. For those who are as clueless as me, try “Murder Me Rachael” for starters, though you might have to listen to it twenty times before moving on to the next track. Don’t worry; it stays good. Thanks, Kath!

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  1. Great Band! If you dig them you can find some high quality Live-Mp3s of their "Black Sessions" in Paris at (second page).

  2. I remember listening to "Abel" over the summer, liking it, but then forgetting them. About a month ago I remembered that song and absolutly fell in love with them. I still don't know how I could forgot them. They write perfectly wondrous lyrics and the singer's voice complements them. They are just a terrific band who deserves even more press than they are getting.

  3. Hi —
    I just discovered your site, and tried to download several songs from The National. Even though my I-Tunes folder says the songs are there, I can't find them on my album browser. Any advice?
    Thanks, Kristian

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