Katie the Pest

Lo-fi bitrates for this wonderful, lo-fi shoegazey duo that takes me back to L.A.’s Paisley Underground days—a gritty version of The Bangles or Opal. The stand out track here is “Sober.” It’s, as they sing in the song, “unstoppable.” You’ll end up listening to it twenty times in a row. It’s maddeningly addicting. Thanks to Whitney B for reminding me about Katie The Pest. She can’t stop listening either and is mad at us for making her spend so much money on records. We’re not sorry.


7 Replies to “Katie the Pest”

  1. this is great! love it love it love it.
    you can download one more track from katiethepest.com and … actually, i recommend downloading all the tracks from katiethepest.com because its easier than the Myspace links (at least it was for me).

  2. The are indeed a really cool band… remind me a lot of The Aisler Set or Slumber Party. Played a show with them long ago, in the Whittier, CA area…

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