Shelley Short

Call it a genetic defect, but I will always be a sucker for a woman who seduces not with sex appeal but with intellect. Shelley Short’s beautifully facile voice sounds like a lullaby, but the kind that you might hear Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn sing: resolute heartbreakers about women who are clearly smarter than the men in their lives and need to share their blues. Short isn’t all the way that old-fashioned, but her resignation and independence come through thanks to her distinct sense of herself and a recording style that favors echoey live instrumentation to a canned studio sound. It’s precious, yes, but for all the right reasons.

3 Replies to “Shelley Short”

  1. I love Shelley!
    She's as deadly and sweet as she is beautiful.
    My friends lived with her, and one time I visited, she drew me a picture and bought me a cookie. She took me to shop for a birthday gift at an amazing little apothecary. She's totally enjoyable, witty and vegetarian. She would annhiliate Mirah if they ever met in a dark alley. And Daniel Johnston might be counted among her "influences," or maybe just in her playlist.

  2. I think I love her too – and she never bought me a cookie! Well at least I am digging this music. Come to D.C. Shelley – we have lots of vegetarian restaurants, and cookies (and Cake Love).

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