Shotgun and Jaybird

Lo-fi music from “smalltown Canada.” That’s how Paul from Shotgun and Jaybird described Sackville, New Brunswick, in his e-mail pitch to 3hive (I added the lo-fi part). It seems like these guys are kind of into the small — small sound, small town, a new EP of (only) 6 songs. Even their wonderful crayon slideshow bio is too short, in the sense that it’s not long enough. What happens next? Do they still live in the Road King? Download “Secret” for a Pavement-inspired soundtrack of what’s going on in Sackville.

5 Replies to “Shotgun and Jaybird”

  1. You'll need to ask the band… I was merely relaying thier commentary on home.
    ps I did look up Sackville on the Internet, by the way, and you have to admit, even with the college, it is pretty small.

  2. I heart Shotgun and Jaybird! Saw them open for Feist at the Marquee this month and they blew the socks right off me! Shout out to the beautiful "bubble"… Sackville, NB baby!!!

  3. sackville does indeed exists, is indeed small, and does indeed rock. as does shotgun & jaybird. check them out.

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