Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Ahhhh, the sounds of Sunday. Brothers and Sisters, put your hands together for the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir! In reality, there’s no choir, the gospel they preach is the saving grace of rock ‘n’ roll (“Yet you’re saved by the graves/Of old men whose names play on the jukebox”), none of the members are incarcerated, and they’re based in Chicago (although one of the principal members, Elia, was born in Wales). A couple years back the band found themselves supporting bands like Arcade Fire, Spoon, Olivia Tremor Control and seemed to be well on their way to indie rock success. Then in October of last year, co-founder Matthew Kerstein left the band to pursue his own project. Elia continues recording under Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, and should have a new album out next year. Not that I advocate taking sides, but Matthew wrote the first song offered here, Elia the second. Both songs will suck you into this unfolding drama.

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