50 Foot Wave

Some of you youngsters may not immediately recognize the name Kristin Hersh. I hate to sound all grandfatherly and stubborn, but you should. She and Throwing Muses were the ’80s indie rock antitode to the Pixies: less visionary loose screw with arena-sized riffs than enigmatic everywoman of chilling insight who could rock with the best of ’em and lay down heartbreaking four-track ballads. Well, she’s still rockin’ with her new band 50 Foot Wave, and she’s doin’ it for free. “Money has so polluted the music world that my overwhelming urge right now is to divorce money from recorded music…So we’re sending free recordings off into the world to do their work. If people enjoy these songs and are excited by them, we ask that they share them with others. The music business is about fame and huge profits — egos and greed — music itself, is not.”


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