The Special Guests

I found an old tape in my parents’ garage that I’d made for my brother years ago. While it had Wire and Yello on it, it led me down a train of thought that eventually inspired me to dig out Desmond Dekker’s song “Reggae Recipe,” which naturally led to more ska listening. Yes, it’s been a while since 3hive’s last ska post, so something special was needed. Something authentic, something true to roots of ska, something with a rocksteady soul, and Germany’s The Special Guests are the perfect fit. Plus, they’re the only thing keeping me going after 15 hours at work!

4 Replies to “The Special Guests”

  1. Oh man. This just made me dust off my ska genre. Nothing like a little ska to get the blood flowing for what ever reason you need your blood to flow. Thanks for the kickstart.

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