Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Electronic, acoustic, classical, it all goes together to create beautiful music. Letting Up Despite Great Faults create music from the heart, ignoring formulas and expectations, letting their freedom and creativity flow. There are no great faults, and hopefully no letting up.


7 Replies to “Letting Up Despite Great Faults”

  1. Sounds like typical mtv quiasi-emo compositions played on a, for the genre, unusual selection of instrumnets. Makes me wonder if they realise it, and how many other instant-emo wonders would sound as good when interpreted this way.

  2. I've been listening to them for a while. They are from my area.
    I found this site tonight and have been going through it all night and was suprised to see them here.
    I'm seeing them this Friday at No Future Cafe in Pasadena.

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