The Warmth

Let’s all take a moment to thank the guy who invented the Internet. And we should probably thank the billionaires over at Google, too, for if it weren’t for these individuals, we wouldn’t have the machinery by which we can stumble upon new music purely by accident. Not only was I looking for another band when The Warmth came up, but I had misspelled that original band’s name — badly. Yet, there was The Warmth, offering up an electro-acoustic vibe not unlike Travis and David Gray — something vaguely familiar and comforting but hardly stuck in Dullsville. There’s precious little information available about the band’s latest album, Fox & Weathervane, on their website or, irony of ironies, through Google searches. But they do have some music to share, so take a listen while you try to figure out this mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in…a website.

3 Replies to “The Warmth”

  1. I can see why you like it, there are some really strong textures. The ghostly dub backdrop on the intro to Scarecrow is really stirring and unique, and their electronic influences trickle through You Crafty Devil superbly. But the songs could really be tighter.
    Not every songwriter has to be completely punk rock, but occasionally, a little restraint would be nice. 8'36" is a lot of time to make a musical point.
    Another recent rec, Climber, handles this mood adroitly, with a somewhat similar melding of influences (though their electronic roots much more pronounced). They also manage to keep their songwriting slightly leaner.
    But I've only listened a few times, maybe it'll grow on me.

  2. This is divine. I’ve had it playing all day, mixed in with a whole heap of other new tracks and I’m hooked. It has snuck up to become a favourite.

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