Gotye is Aussie one-man band Wally De Backer who, like his fellow countrymen The Avalanches, humanizes bedroom beats, quirky samples, and the odd live instrument and weaves them into epic pop structures. I guess it’s summer down under, which would explain the decidedly upbeat tone of these preview tracks from his forthcoming LP.

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  1. As soon as the track started, I felt hints of Big Audio Dynamite, then the "this is a journey into sound" sample kicked in & I thought, "Damn, I'm good"
    Love you guys! Keep posting.

  2. Not only am I not "good", I have "80's" Alzheimers! What I meant to say was "didn't Eric B. & Rakim use that 'journey into sound' thing almost 20 years ago?"
    Had he used "Now the intro goes something like this or sit tight & listen cleanly while I play for you another brand new music biscuit", then we'd be channeling BAD.

  3. the songs had a nice beat and the lyrics made me smile. thanks for all the lovely songs you post. keep it up, love you guys.

  4. lol — Nicole, I never was quite sure what each word was in that sampled line from BAD, until I finally saw Jimmy Cliff's, "The Harder they Come," where the sample is lifted from a scene of a DJ playing Jimmy's (character) new single. He really says, "Sit tight and listen _kindly_ (sounds kinda like "keenly") while I play for you another brand new musical diskette."
    But, I like "musical bisquit." I think that's a great band name 🙂
    Now, even after seeing "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" a billion times, I'm still having a hard time understanding that BAD sample — is it, "I'm just an innocent famer, I'm guilty of nothing,"? or what?

  5. See Brent, I told you-80's alzheimer's! And the ears are going too!
    Truthfully, seen THTC many times myself but still was never sure what the guy was saying. You'd think growing up in Brooklyn (around lotsa people from the islands) I woulda figured it out by now! Thanks dude!

  6. Love, love this music – learnalilgivinanlovin puts a smile on my face every time – but I'm having trouble trying to get a copy of anything Gotye in Canada. I know the new record comes out in January, but I can't even find the record he released last year for sale anywhere in Canada – do you know where I can find it (other than ordering from Australia)?

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