Dog Traders

Drew is from Columbus, Ohio. He draws comics (Toothpaste for Dinner) and makes music (Dog Traders). You probably already know that. Prior to Jason B.’s suggestion, I may have been the only American of my particular demographic to have slept on Drew’s wicked ballpoint funnies. I may be in broader company by saying I’d never heard his sandblasted garage pop either. But that, too, has changed and I’m a better man for it. Drew’s distant, mumbled vocals remind me at times of J. Mascis or Michael Stipe on REM’s circa Murmur. His lyrics are as odd, clever, and compelling as you would expect from the man who brought you this. Not only is the music good, it’s free. All of the songs on Dog Traders’ A Panic in a Pagoda is available as a downloadable .zip file on Drew’s site (though at $7 I’d recommend buying a copy of the packaged CD, if only to get your hands on the lyrics).


2 Replies to “Dog Traders”

  1. Bless you people for giving Drew his dues. He's been selflessly providing hilarity via hipster-bashing and hamsters for years. Everyone should buy stuff from him.
    By the way, 3hive is almost better than having a personal music nerd that always seems to be one step ahead of you in the music scene to give you mix tapes of new bands you and your brother have never heard of. Keep on keepin on.

  2. Just to let you know, there is even some Drew love up here in the forgotton East Coast of Canada. I'm from Nova Scotia, and I check (as well as religiously, and have hopefully gotten all of my friends and relations hooked as well. Love it.

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